Dealing with Parents: From Barriers to Bonding

If you’ve ever struggled with getting through your parents or making them understand you better, feeling helpless and hopeless, your eyes have landed in the right place.

Parent-child disagreements have been a classic evergreen hallmark through generations and are just a part of this relationship dynamic.

In all honesty, given that the universal focus is justifiably always on enabling parents to be better at their roles, there aren’t actually a heap of resources for kids to navigate through challenges with the grown-ups, which kinda sucks but also inspired me to do what I do. Read more “Dealing with Parents: From Barriers to Bonding”

Finding your way back to Focus

Its 11 pm as I sit down to type this in my office. Im tired and my eyes are stressed but I am blessed with the peace of my own company, free from the noise and the distractions from the day.

Most importantly, my mind’s biggest enemy (read my phone) is fast asleep on Do Not Disturb mode.

If you fall in the Gen Z or Millennial category, you’re well familiar with the ‘smartness’ of this distraction device, acting as one of the biggest obstacles to achieving productivity. Read more “Finding your way back to Focus”

Breaking out of Break Ups

You’ve had a crush on someone for the longest time and have successfully manifested a relationship with that person.

Living has never felt the same. You find yourself happier, cracking up more than you usually do, smiling away at cheesy, romantic texts and are simply feeling on top of the world! You’ve found the love of your life and cannot imagine a single day or a future without this person.

But over time things take an unexpected turn and you’ve landed yourself with a break up…… Read more “Breaking out of Break Ups”

Stepping Up the Connection Game

When was the last time you let your voice convey your emotion to someone who cares for you and let them see through what you were truly feeling? My guess is, not in the longest time.

Why would we? We have an amazing facility, called Texting! A facility that allows us to convey our condolences, apologise for missed birthdays and congratulate each other on our victories, all at the click of a few keys! Read more “Stepping Up the Connection Game”

Navigating through FOMO

The nature of our lifestyles and the ever-expanding influence of social media has given us a heap of first world problems. One that dominates all is of course the Fear of Missing Out, more popularly known as FOMO.

Kudos to Generation Z and us Millennials for stimulating the geeks in the Valley, for inventing a new addictive platform every few years. Who would have thought a bunch of 30-second trend-setting dance videos would serve as the highlight of our day! Read more “Navigating through FOMO”

3 Unconventional Hacks for dealing with Uncertainty


Whether you’re a student anxious about your education plans or a working professional having sleepless nights about keeping your job, uncertainty is the underlying common thread right now across all ages.

Moreover, as far as tips on managing stress go, by now you’ve heard it all; whether it’s avoiding the media banter, maintaining a routine, indulging in relaxing activities or speaking to a friend. The fact remains that things can still feel pretty miserable when they go spiralling out of our control.

Read more “3 Unconventional Hacks for dealing with Uncertainty”

Why Conscious Living is your Greatest Lifehack

Okay, before you start grappling your head with what Conscious Living even means, let me just outrightly say that- No, it definitely doesn’t involve leaving your life behind and isolating yourself on a mountain top to meditate and become awakened!

Simply put, Conscious living is about becoming more aware about the kind of life you choose to live by purposefully selecting the quality of your thoughts, behaviours and decision-making you indulge in.

Read more “Why Conscious Living is your Greatest Lifehack”

Unmasking the layers of fear

Think about fear for a moment, what comes to mind?

You may visualize standing at the edge of a plane before diving out or getting stuck in an elevator, especially if you are claustrophobic (yikes!) But while these are typical examples of fear, it doesn’t end here.

Far from what we expect, the tricky thing about fear is that it shows up in more ways than we usually think of or like to accept anyway. Even though fear is another emotion as many others, it can get out of hand when it remains unacknowledged and starts driving us.

Read more “Unmasking the layers of fear”