Breaking the walls of Judgement

Lets face it. We all judge… All the time.It’s like we’re wired to put people in boxes based on our likes and dislikes, our standards and self-made rules.

Some judgements are based on our values of what we see as good or bad, smart or stupid, responsible or ignorant and the like. Other times our judgements are based on more superficial shit like what school one went to, where one lives, what cars they drive, what brands they wear and so on… Read more “Breaking the walls of Judgement”

Addressing the elephant in the room- the desperation of Validation

We have a problem and it’s a big one. So big that we’ve become better at being in denial about it than dealing with it. Its what’s driving most of our behaviours, secretly funding social networking platforms and is sadly also contributing to the mental health industry. It’s called seeking social validation, a need that’s on the rise like never before. Read more “Addressing the elephant in the room- the desperation of Validation”

Why Conscious Living is your greatest lifehack

Ever felt like your life is spiralling out of control? Where you find yourself in situations filled with negativity and drama over and over again? We all experience these phases at some point or another but when these patterns become consistent and you feel victimised by life, then shifting gears to conscious living is the greatest step you can take to save yourself from this chaos. Read more “Why Conscious Living is your greatest lifehack”

Winning over Instant Gratification

It’s the middle of the afternoon and you’re on your desk struggling with an assignment. You feel like a breather, so you turn on Netflix to watch a quick show. Half an hour later, your IG pops a notification about your long lost friend who’s posted the ‘first time in a while’. You finally manage to sit back down to attack your assignment and your much -awaited Bumble match responds back, you can’t hold your excitement!
By now, of course, its teatime and you’re craving a snack so you order in from KFC because who wants to resist the temptation of a delicious fat fried chicken burger… Read more “Winning over Instant Gratification”

Designing a Resilient Life

Writing about this topic feels rather ironic given that for the most part of my life I wasn’t familiar with resilience, let alone embodying it. Having grown up with a lot of limiting beliefs, I was far from confident and had no desire to be seen in any way. So I shut myself away from the world, hiding in my little shell, going along the ride of life, with ‘I cant’ as my go to word.

The fact that today I can share this openly and the journey I’ve come along thus far, having set up my brand, putting out my content, expressing my voice through videos and podcasts, shows that resilience is a skill that can be learnt. Read more “Designing a Resilient Life”

What Self Love is Not

From the personal growth industry amplifying ‘I am enough’ as the universal affirmation to the world of social media popularising grandiosity as youngsters obsess over their looks with incessant selfies, these realities have sure confused the shit out of this generation on what self-love really is.

Everyone seems to be on this trip of self-love where the term has become rather lamestream and has led to some misleading interpretations. Read more “What Self Love is Not”

13 Practices to Unlock the Superhuman within you

As kids we’re obsessed with superheroes, because we’re fascinated by the idea of saving the world or making a difference. But over the course of time, we get stuck in our own little worlds. Caught up in our ego’s, our need to compete with others, our need to prove ourselves and that’s where we lose the game before its even begun.

To be superhuman is to connect with the truest nature of ourselves and operate in a way that uplifts humanity.

The possibility of doing so very much exists without necessarily being a billionaire philanthropist. Small and simple practices can take you there.

Here are 13 of them: Read more “13 Practices to Unlock the Superhuman within you”