Why Conscious Living is your Greatest Lifehack

Okay, before you start grappling your head with what Conscious Living even means, let me just outrightly say that- No, it definitely doesn’t involve leaving your life behind and isolating yourself on a mountain top to meditate and become awakened!

Simply put, Conscious living is about becoming more aware about the kind of life you choose to live by purposefully selecting the quality of your thoughts, behaviours and decision-making you indulge in.

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Unmasking the layers of fear

Think about fear for a moment, what comes to mind?

You may visualize standing at the edge of a plane before diving out or getting stuck in an elevator, especially if you are claustrophobic (yikes!) But while these are typical examples of fear, it doesn’t end here.

Far from what we expect, the tricky thing about fear is that it shows up in more ways than we usually think of or like to accept anyway. Even though fear is another emotion as many others, it can get out of hand when it remains unacknowledged and starts driving us.

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5 Key Takeaways from the Global Pandemic

COVID19 has no doubt brought about massive turmoil with the job insecurity, financial instability, health uncertainty and all the chaos that’s come along with it.

However, it’s also been a massive sign to humanity for correction that’s come in the form of a wake-up call and boy has it been loud! (for those who want to hear it). The call is to embrace a new paradigm of being, one that we haven’t been urged to consider, not to this extent or at this level anyway.

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Winning over Dopamine- Our Drug in Disguise

Its the middle of the afternoon and you’re sitting on your system struggling with an assignment. You feel like a breather, so you go for a little Netflix break. Half an hour later, you’re now finally sitting down to focus and your phone buzzes a notification from Instagram with the number of likes you’ve got on your last post, you’re jumping with joy! By now, of course, its teatime and you’re craving a snack so you order in from KFC because who wants to resist the temptation of a delicious fat fried burger…

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