5 Key Takeaways from the Global Pandemic

COVID19 has no doubt brought about massive turmoil with the job insecurity, financial instability, health uncertainty and all the chaos that’s come along with it.

However, it’s also been a massive sign to humanity for correction that’s come in the form of a wake-up call and boy has it been loud! (for those who want to hear it). The call is to embrace a new paradigm of being, one that we haven’t been urged to consider, not to this extent or at this level anyway.

Here are some key messages that can be extracted from this episode in our lives:

  1. The Illusion of control: The idea that we can control circumstances or outcomes is the greatest illusion of all times and yet we’re constantly trying to influence how things ‘should be’ run. No wonder a majority of us are still struggling to absorb this new reality since it has shattered all our plans. In fact, trying to exert dominance over things that really are beyond are span and scope, can be exhausting.
    Such circumstances call for the ability to stay in flow, live in the present and take each moment as it unfolds. Not only would it save us from the unnecessary stress that we inevitably tend to take on, but keeping an open mind also opens the doors to other and new possibilities. Trust the process.
  2. Humans thrive in cooperation: Even with the endless restrictions on mobility and the ‘physical distancing’, we’ve been connected to our support system thanks to technology (The Zoom Boom!) Can you imagine what it would have been like living in complete isolation? Numerous videos floating online have shown fellow humans supporting each other, be it through heartwarming musical performances or encouraging conversations. Special mention to all the superheroes who have continued to serve those in need, while putting their own lives at risk. Never has the power of love and cooperation across the globe been so evident.
    What good does conflict or separation rooted in our judgements and bigotry even do? A question we need to ask ourselves because ultimately each of us have our individual roles to play in how the collective world is constructed.
  3. Gratitude: The beauty of having things taken away from you, comes with a gift. The gift of gratitude. It’s time to appreciate all that we have, rather than taking everything for granted just because we have easy access to them. No matter what your situation has been during the lockdown, you are still better off than someone else in less privileged circumstances so count your blessings. Moreover, staying in a high frequency of gratitude multiplies all that one desires!
  4. Impermanence: If anything, this pandemic and the resulting affairs have reinforced the message that nothing is permanent. Not our financial security, not our social status, heck not even our physical capabilities. Embracing the idea of impermanence only helps us to let things, that we attach ourselves to, go gracefully. Life is constantly changing and hence we must also remember that no positive or negative occurrence lasts forever. So, this too shall pass.
  5. What we want VS what we need: Half our lives are spent in chasing things that we believe are expected to make our lives perfect. Often, these are at the cost of neglecting what already exists and is present for us such as; the company of our loved ones, the joy of finding serenity in a walk with nature, the feeling of fulfilment from serving others with kindness, the rush from learning a new skill!

The past several weeks of lockdown has certainly served as a reflective opportunity for humanity to reassess the path it’s on, slow down and get back on track purposefully.

2020 is a year where we must meet eye to eye to everything we have denied in ourselves. Our future will depend on whether we correct the mistakes made in the past or forget about it all and move forward continuing with our old ways of functioning.

Whatever choice we make, will reflect in our history.

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