Hi, I’m Sukun

A conscious living facilitator and an eternal seeker, on a mission to help you break free from conventional paradigms and give you the tools to unlock the superhuman within you.

The journey of all great change begins with Awareness

We’ve all grown up with ideas and beliefs that become our model for living life. What if these beliefs weren’t serving our best interests and were holding us back from living an empowered, authentic and connected life?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel constantly pressured to fit in and be ‘socially’ accepted.
  • You’re perpetually waiting for the right moment to be happy.
  • You find yourself caught up in stress and drama more often than not.
  • You’ve made it to be a social butterfly but have no one to count on.
  • You’re doing your best to prove your worth and reach ‘success’ yet still feel unfulfilled
  • The past is holding you back from creating the life you desire.

If you found yourself nodding to any or all of the above, you’ve probably fallen in the trap. And if you’re willing to climb right back out of it while reclaiming your greatness that you were born with, this is your place to be!

But it’s going to take you to unlearn what you already have been given to know, so be prepared for some surprises…

Why we exist

At Epic Beings, we recognise that real change stems from awareness and self-inquiry. This is exactly what we are here to inspire, to question, to re-learn and to transform by creating an internal shift for our individual and collective sustenance.

When we aren’t at peace with ourselves we create unsettlement in our inner and outer world. An unhappy state of being creates unnecessary judgement, self-loathing, loneliness, aggression and a never-ending cycle of frustration. You get the drift …

Epic Beings operates with the understanding that each of us in our own capacity has the potential to let go of our linear beliefs that we unconsciously grew up with, and re-create an Epic paradigm that is:

  • Driven by a passion for constantly evolving through change
  • Lived with a true sense of awareness in every possible way; and
  • Filled with a desire for increasing love and connection on this planet

Imagine what your life would be like if you could radically alter your experience of your journey on this planet, sustain strong relationships with those you never imagined and achieve a greater sense of identity and authenticity.

Jump on the ride as you begin the journey towards your next stage of conscious evolution. Welcome to Epic Beings!

Launch your journey

Think you’re losing yourself to the ‘Social’ world? We’re here to rescue!

Epic Beings offers you a nurturing support-system within a judgement-free space.

  • Let go of FOMO and be at peace with all that you are

Everyone falls prey to the idea of ‘fitting in’ but stepping into your own magnificence requires courage, which is what we are here to help you discover and do.

  • Apply the science of building habits that will prove worthwhile

We’ve all become puppets of dopamine haven’t we? How about making some conscious decisions while building habits that will serve you for life. Dive into mindfulness training and some brain science to do some solid rewiring.

  • Forgo the quick fixes and focus on the real deal

With social comparisons posing a constant threat to self-worth, it’s time to create a new story with you as the superhero!

Has loneliness got the better of you? Are you craving to be heard, and understood? Join the community!

Our connection circles aim at building deep meaningful relationships that are key to our collective sustenance. 

  • Connect with a high vibe tribe

Diss the superficial social norm and build conscious connections with whom you can unmask yourself.

  • Embrace vulnerability and step in your authenticity

The secret behind all deep connections is allowing people to see you for who you are. Become comfortable with vulnerability and open your doors to a whole new world of connections.

  • Indulge in the art of relationship -building

Small talk can only last so long. The key to building deep and meaningful relationships with people is to take a genuine interest in them and ask questions that matter.

Overwhelmed with the external pressures and expectations?

Find your way back to yourself and step in your own power

  • Reclaim your true essence and purpose

Are you in sync with your core values and drivers? Finding clarity in these areas is a prerequisite for living a fulfilled life. 

  • Break free from the box of limiting beliefs

Liberate yourself from the preconceived notions and use assertive communication to stand up for yourself.

  • Make your wrongness your strongness

For the world to accept you, you need to accept yourself first. Take a deep dive into the core of your being and make peace with all your quirks.

How we roll



Do you find yourself stuck in undesired situations over and over again? Changes in the outer environment begin with awareness that lies within.

With that awareness, we’re here to help you navigate through your battles with a greater sense of purpose and control.


Conscious Connection

How different would your life be if you had real meaningful relationships with people who genuinely cared for your well-being?

Enhance the depth of your relationships by moving from ‘social connections’ to conscious connections.


Empowering beliefs

Do your beliefs and values serve your well-being? Are you growing and feeling fulfilled in what you do?

Understand the ‘mind game’ and get your life going in the right direction.

Lets get you to ACE life!